On all the boats in our fleet, the crew is prepared to provide our avid anglers with expert instruction on this growing technique.

You will find all necessary equipment to perform this challenging casting technique. After many strikes on the surface and by using the proper sinking lines, soon, you will see the dancing fish at your first sight! this emotion can only be explained on the water. So don't wait let us give you this experience of lifetime.

Following is a list of recommended equipment in the event you want to bring your own fly gear:

Flyfishing tackle for big game fishing

Rod: 13 to 18 weight, 8 1\2 ft, with or without a foregrip.

Reel: saltwater to match the rod, Billy Pate, Able or equal, direct drive or anti reverse can be used.

Reel Capacity: 400 to 500 yards of dacron or micron backing or Ande monofilament, or angler fly line according to the size of the reels.

Scientific Angler shooting head, weight forward floating or equal, 30 to 60 feet.

Tippet: Masons or Ande, it is recommended that all tippet line be tested to meet IGFA regulations.

Flies: multi color, pink is preferred color. feathers 6 or 7 inches long with popper head; hooks with short shank 4/0 or 5/0. Tube flies work very well.
Pink color or mixed colors with lots of pink work the best.